DNN using python Feed_Forward_Network m=X.shape[1]

Why the m=X.shape[1] ??
it should me m=X.shape[0] as index will tell us the number of data_points.


There seems to be another bug in 0324_ScalarBAckPropagation notebook. The FirstFFNetwork class has m= X.shape[0[ instead of m = X.shape[1]. Since X.shape[0] is 750 in this case, instead of X.shape[1] which is 2, the weight gradients are becoming very small when divided by m.
As a result, in the lesson, a high learning rate of 5 had to be selected for the model to converge. Using X.shape[1], a small learning rate of 0.01 would suffice.
Surprisingly, this same class in 0318_FeedforwardNetwork notebook does not have this bug for the same FirstFFNetwork class. It correctly has m = X.shape[1]

Hi @parsar0,
The errata is in 0318_FeedforwardNetwork Notebook. It should have been X.shape[0], it signifies m, which is the no. of training examples.
On the other hand, X.shape[1] is the no. of input features.