Doubt in ameo dataset

In ameo dataset, there is JobCity column in which different cities are there, but the problem is some cities are written many times with slight difference, so they are also showing with unique function.

For example, Delhi is named as : Delhi, delhi, ncr, New Delhi, new delhi.
Like this there are many more cities.

How to clean this data.

I wanted to find relationship between salary and city. How to solve this problem

use replace function (pd.replace()) to replace these Delhi, delhi, ncr, New Delhi, new delhi words accordingly

It is a very large dataset. I have just given the example of delhi.
using replace function is very tedious task as first we have to find all the different names for a given city in this large dataset and then using the replace function

You’ll have to do this manual preprocessing as suggested by @Hemant in order to overcome this issue.
A better suggestion would be to convert all the values to upper case, for atleast some ease of task.

I did the same. First I converted the column to object datatype and then converted them to lower case.
But after doing this, when i again used unique function, output is same as it was before.

Then you’ll have to preprocess it anyway.

Why Iam getting error. I converted the datatype but still iam getting error that i have int dtype in this column so its not performing lower() function.

And when I looked for dtype for JobCity, it is showing Object dtype. Is this column have 2 datatypes : int and object.?

Maybe this is the case, have you tried first changing the type to string, and then .lower()?