Doubt in batching & epochs of RNN model training process lecture video

please correct me:-, here we are taking batch_size = 10, n_batch = 100 and we are doing it for 1 epoch
2. The train function in this only giving output are 1 batch only meaning 10 datapoints randomly selected. and we have 100 batches so total datapoints we ae working on is only 1000.
3. So, here are are not iterating through whole dataset per epoch as we are doing in the case of CNN.-> beacause in CNN we are dividing the dataset into batches and than calling all the batches 1 after another in each epoch…

Hi @purushartha,
The training process is similar, as we’re passing a batch of size 10 to the train function for 100 times. That’s what we do in CNNs as well. If you meant to ask something else, can you please ask it clearly

so here we are only running it for 1 epoch