Doubt in the concept of data mining

In the course video it was clearly mentioned that Data Mining doesn’t deal with unstructured data. However, it’s mentioned everywhere that Data Mining does deal with unstructured data . e.g. spatial data, multimedia data etc.
Please clarify this.

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Hi @gunjan_narnoli,
Can you refer to the module an video name

Week 1 (Introduction)

(end part)

Hi @gunjan_narnoli,

I would like to add, though there are several Data Mining Techniques, there can be instances where Unstructured Data is preprocessed and then converted into a structured format to perform one of these Data Mining techniques.
I would like to know which source you’re referring to when you say everywhere else.

A suggestion, there can be millions of versions of single concept on the Internet, please do refer to some credible source like a book or something. So that it has enough validation that the material you’re studying is legitimate.

Here is a really nice book, where you can take a look at what are the types of data used in Data Mining.

Thank you for clarifying the doubt.
The book mentioned by you is really insightful. Can you please attach the entire book or share the link from which it can be downloaded.