Doubt on System Requirements on Web development

Actually i am planning to do web development using react.js and angular.
Even planning with MEAN or MERN full stack development.
But i want to know whether i can run in this particular system configuration.
Please reply.

Pentium Dual core procesor with 2.60GHz.
WINDOWS 8.1 32bit OS(home).
160GB HDD.
In built Graphics card (no extra)

I too agree its a old system with low config.
Yet i want to know whether would i able to work somewhat good.


I would suggest you upgrade the ram. 8gigs would be fantastic but if out of budget then go for at least 4gigs.

Reason being, the tech stack you are looking at would run fine in the current config. But the environment related to it e.g. the IDE (example vscode) along with its components will require a good amount of primary memory.

Also, the OS like windows and even Linux based os are getting ram hungry day by day.