Doubt - Week 3, Assignment 1 questions

Doubt - Week 3, Assignment 1 questions

I am unable to solve the Assignment 1 question- problem 2-5.
We need to subtract the F(x, N’) - F(x,N’-1)< epsilon, however in the video there was no subtraction function and instead addition was done
Somebody help me with it.

Somebody please help me with question number 5 in problem 2 from assignment 1.

The task says to compute F(x,N’)- F(x, N’-1)< ε but addition has been done in the video explained by professor.
Please let me know if anyone has understood this task.
Thanks !!

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Hello, I understand, it is like as below


For any image , the value image ceases to 0 when N increases.
Need to Find the min N (Where N in 1,2,3…) for any x for which the above value becomes 0


okay. thank you so much !!