Doubt - Week 7 - Compute the percentile rank of a value in the data

I have a doubt in “Compute the percentile rank of a value in the data”.
My doubt is regarding the interpretation of percentile rank.

For Shikhar Dhawan’s case, the value 32 has 65 percentile rank . In interpretation of this data you mentioned - " 65% of the times Shikhar Dhawan goes out to bat in a T-20, he is going to score less than 32 runs".

But I think the interpretation should be - “Out the runs scored by Shikhar Dhawan in T-20 matches, 65 % of the times he has scored less than or equal to 32 runs.”

Can you please let me know whether this is correct or is it similar to the one mentioned in lecture? I might have got myself confused.

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We can say that this has a significant possibility, but future scores might also depend upon various hidden variables like playing conditions, opposition etc.
So the statement you have made is true.


Thanks @Ishvinder, for quick response.

My thought-process for raising this doubt was that we calculate the percentile rank and provide an interpretation for the data that we have in hand. And when new data arrives in dataset, the position of 32 might get shifted and hence its corresponding percentile rank might also get shifted.

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Yes you’re right… :slight_smile:

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