Doubt: wont able to access the data

_I am analysing one data set, which has four columns(attributes), I am able to access three columns, and getting the data as expected by df[‘name_of__column’]

but for another column when I try to access the data using the same command mentioned above, I am not able to get any data, instead I am getting an keyerror

whats special about that column which I am not able to get access to is:-

some block contain only one value, some contain multiple values(separated by ; ), and most of them under the same column has no value(NaN)

What could be the issue, due to which I am not able to get access of that column?

Hi Suraj, can you share your notebook and data?
If there are privacy issues, you can send it to

Hi Ishvinder, the problem is solved now, I have explained the part of it here

#Thank YOU

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