Downloading the AMEO dataset - Week 12

After filling the form, what to do next.?

Did you get any confirmation email, or it took you to some other page?

Neither I get the confirmation mail nor it takes me to another page.
After filling the form, it simply says:
Your form was successfully submitted. Thankyou for contacting us.

check the bottom left section of the image (under AMEO tab). A link to download the dataset gets activated.


Thankyou very much for the help.

The downloaded file contains two files. the test and train files.
what data should be used? the test file or train file?

What task are you trying to fulfil? Test file is usually nothing but a reflection of training file with fewer records and dropped target variables. Such a segregation is made for Machine Learning tasks. For Data Science the objective is to draw insights from the available data and hence it is better to consider all relevant features of the data.
In this case you have other files too, containing data description as well. Perhaps using the training data shall fulfil the data science objective.
Hope this helps!!

Yeah i want the full data set containing all the records but the file contained only 2 files which were test and train. I couldnt find the whole dataset. So i thought there must be a file which was being used for the visualization task given.

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