DS - Campa Cola re-introduced!

DS - Campa Cola re-introduced!

Data Science Demystified,

Well, there are probably hundreds, if not thousands of definitions of DS along with equal number of attempts towards demystifying DS. I have a divergent perspective on the topic - “What’s there to demystify in DS?..DS has already been here for ages”.

Lets just entertain this idea for a bit and answer these questions:-

  1. Is the all encompassing process of DS (Collection, Storage, Processing, Describing and Modelling (CSPDM)) a novel approach?

  2. Aren’t these individual activities being undertaken at various levels in an Anti-DS organisation (if such an organisation ever existed!!!)

  3. Has any radically new mathematical concept been discovered while working through the five pillar of DS? Concepts of Central Tendency, Probability Theory and Distributions were long available even before Dual Core processors.

In my limited experience/ exposure, I think its the exponential increase in computing power that have made the difference, rather than formalisation of distinct stages/ tasks relevant to DS. We all have been doing CSPDM, both in an IT/ Non-IT setup, but now we are doing the same with an unprecedented rate and accuracy.

So, in my humble opinion, Demystifying DS is analogous to graduating from Fiat Padmini to Ferrai 812 ( Most Powerful & Fastest road-going Ferrari ever)