DS vs ML vs DL: A Case Study Approach (story of 3 entrepreneurs)

DS vs ML vs DL: A Case Study Approach (story of 3 entrepreneurs)


Mr DS worked for 20 years in a Tour and Travel agency and made a lot of money. He decided to start his own Tour agency with one of the core product based on image recognition. This product would automatically detect monuments in a picture uploaded by the user and tag the image with that monument. He hired two of his friends as employees, Mr ML and Mr DL for building the product. Using the experience from his past job, Mr DS collected several images of monuments from different parts of the country and stored them efficiently in a database.

He then asked his 2 employees to build a model which would automatically identify the monument. Mr ML, a very hard working person, took the images and tried several ways to extract features, like edge detection, image sharpening and other image processing techniques. He then passed these extracted features through a model, which would then identify the monument, as shown below


Mr DL on the other hand was quite a lazy person and decided that he would let the model learn the features instead of manually working on it. He directly passed the image through the model and trained it to identify the monument.

Unfortunately, within 6 months the startup closed for lack of future ideas, inspite of the good work of all 3 of them.

To understand the story please visit the Medium article. https://medium.com/@shravan1998/case-study-e116a36d9c89