DS - Week 21 - Specific videos are not loading

Specific video from Week 21 of Data science course are not loading
-Properties of Estimator

  • Point estimator for Mean and Proportion
  • Real World problem

Hi @venkatachalamramalin,
Is there any sort of error which is being displayed on your screen?
This can be due to network connectivities sometimes, as a suggestion please try eith some other connection.
You can also try accessing the platform using Incognito mode, i guess that may solve the issue.

I tried in incognito mode too. I’m getting error “Third-Party cookies blocked”. I tried enable cookies, still its not working.
Surprisingly, i dont have issue with all video.

Seems tricky,
Maybe you can refer this

Hmm - not an issue with platform for sure. as I did not find these issues at all while going through the week 21st.

Thanks for the support. I had the issue only yesterday and its working fine today.

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