End Date for Deep Learning course

Hi , what is the end date for Deep Learning course, I had registered few months back only. need 3-4 weeks more to complete it. please help.

If you’ve registered on PadhAI platform, you’ll be able to access it for atleast 1 year.

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yes, I had registered it on PadhAI platform. Thank you for your kind response. really appreciate it. one more question, will I get an e-book for this course also.
Even if I complete a bit late, will I be given a certificate for course completion.

E-book plan is a bit uncertain as of now, we’ll try to share some course notes later.
Yes you’ll get the course certificate if you complete it within 1 year from the date of registration.

Hi @Ishvinder , I am not able to find when I had registered in Deep learning course in PadhAI, I tried checking in profile but this data is not there, is there way I can know when I had registered so that I would know till when I will have access. Thanks again for help.


Can you check you mail, you must have got an email from us when you registered.