Error: Expectation - Gambling

How comes this -64 ?

Hi @suraj_7346,
I guess this is a computation error at our end.
Thanks for pointing, We’ll mark it. :slight_smile:

I am really not sure how to correct this computation to understand the concept…!!

If you win, you get Rs34 (i.e. Rs35-Rs1), if you lose, you lose Re 1.

As proved earlier in the video, out of 1000 games, player wins 26 games and loses 974 games.

Gain after 1000 games= 26 * 34 + 974 * (-1) = Rs -90

So player will lose on avg. Rs 90 after playing 1000 games.

Avg gain (actually loss) per game = Rs -90/1000 = Rs -0.09
So on avg player will lose 9 paise per game.