Error in Accessing the Foundatation of Data Sceince Course

I have joined the course of Foundation of Data Sceince on PADHAI

I have completed the week12 contents of Visualization and trying to access the week13 contents but the video of Heat Map from week12 is shown as unread i.e tick mark doesnt appear for that video after playing it multiple times

I know that tick mark on every video is compulsary ,I am trying to convey the same thing even after playing the video of heat map in week 12 section the tick mark is not appearing due to this thing it is not moving to week13 I have played the video several times

Due to this error I am not able to access my next course Kindly help in Solving this issue

Hi @csnehalb,
Can you try using Incognito mode or any other device?
Please make sure you click on continue that appears after the video gets finished.