Error in creating boxplot

Hi ,

univariatenumerical(data=target0df,col=‘AMTINCOME’ , title= ‘Distribution of income amount’’)

Trying to createa boxplot from the above code but getting an error of Vertical orientation ignored with only x specified.

M stuck because of this… any clue why is this happening?

Please refer the following thread: Vertical Boxplot warning

Hi Ishvinder,

I did go through the link but fail to understand how does it apply to my code.

Would it be possible for you to clarify the same on the above mentioned code?

Can you pl share a screenshot of your code and output/error?

In the custom plot function defined above, can you change the second-last line with following:

sns.boxplot(data=target_df, y=col)
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Thank you so much for your help, it’s sorted now :slight_smile: