Error in Lecture Video: plt.scatter() Explanation - DL#104 Feedforward Neural Network

In lecture 21, i.e [DNNs using Python: Classification with Sigmoid Neuron]
the question is what is s stands in plt.scatter method?
And the correct answer as per the course :- it is used to set the scatter plot, Bigger points indicate higher errors whereas smaller point indicates smaller error value.

I think the correct answer should be Bigger points indicate the errors whereas smaller point indicates correct prediction.

I actually cannot add the link of specifi video here. (its 5th one from the bottom)
but the question is : What does the argument ‘s’ in matplotlib.scatter() mean? Why was it used in the video?

Hi @ShreyasSubhedar,
In Sigmoid Neuron video and in FFN video, the explaination is this…

I rechecked both the videos, and didn’t find any error. Can you please cross verify it?

And the link and the name of the video you shared do not match. Can you please check that as well.