Error in Python function

Hi @Bharatmani, welcome to the portal. The error that you are receiving is due to the fact that variable temp has been declared inside the if block and hence has its scope only in that block. As you are trying to return it outside the if block, the variable reference is not found and hence the error. Hope this helps!!

In this given problem, the scope is not the root cause.
The problem is incorrect use of if instead of for.

def fib(n):
    a = 1
    b = 1
    for i in range(n):
        temp = a + b
        a = b
        b = temp
        print("Id of a", id(a))
        print("Id of b",id(b))
        print("Id of temp",id(temp))
    return temp


Id of a 10914496
Id of b 10914528
Id of temp 10914528
Id of a 10914528
Id of b 10914560
Id of temp 10914560
Id of a 10914560
Id of b 10914624
Id of temp 10914624

(Unlike C language,) Python intelligently uses reference of b to temp thus making it available outside the for block.

But in the code given by @Bharatmani, the if block was never entered. Thus temp was never referenced and hence temp was not available outside the if block.
This would have worked if if block was entered, though it would not have yielded the desired result.

Have a look at this demonstration below.

def demo(n):
    if i in range(n):
        temp = i
        print ("entered if")
        print("value of i", i)
        print("did not enter if")
        print("value of i", i)
    return temp

print("return value from function", demo(10))


entered if
value of i 9
return value from function 9

In this interesting case, i was randomly assigned a value of 9. If the if condition was satisfied it would enter the if block, temp would get an assignment and everything would be fine. This is what happened when demo(10) was called.

print("return value from function", demo(5))


did not enter if 
value of i 9


UnboundLocalError Traceback (most recent call last)

[<ipython-input-64-12ef7b0ebfa5>](https://localhost:8080/#) in <module>() ----> 1 print("return value from function", demo(5))

[<ipython-input-62-3cf8d90e9115>](https://localhost:8080/#) in demo(n) 7 print("did not enter if") 8 print("value of i", i) ----> 9 return temp

UnboundLocalError: local variable 'temp' referenced before assignment

Now, i still has this random value of 9. Hence it did not enter the if block and hence temp was not assigned and was unreferenced, leading to UnboundLocalError.