Error on week12

got an error while opening and retrieving file from the link. I am attaching the screen short of my code

I have resolve the above issue but getting an error in the next steps. I am attaching the screen shot of my screen

Hi @sumankr545,
Using pd.to_datetime() may help.


if you see the data, there are 2 columns namely date and dateymd

If you want to drop the dates, drop both columns



What’s wrong here:

import numpy as np

import pandas as pd

import seaborn as sns

import json

import urllib.request

#read the data

urllib.request.urlretrieve(“”, “data1.json”)

with open(“data1.json”) as f:

js = json.load(f)


df = pd.json_normalize(js[‘states_daily’])

df1 = df.copy()

df1.drop(columns=[‘un’, ‘dateymd’], inplace=True)

#set date time

df1[‘date’] = pd.to_datetime(df1[‘date’])

df1[‘ka’] = pd.to_numeric(df1[‘ka’])

df2 = pd.melt(df1, id_vars=‘date’, value_vars=list(df1.columns).remove(‘date’), var_name=‘state’, value_name=‘confirmed’)

#df2 = df2.sample(1000)

pd.to_numeric(df2[‘confirmed’])----------→ error?

#sns.lineplot(‘date’, ‘confirmed’, data=df2)


--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ValueError Traceback (most recent call last) pandas/_libs/lib.pyx in pandas._libs.lib.maybe_convert_numeric() ValueError: Unable to parse string “Confirmed” During handling of the above exception, another exception occurred: ValueError Traceback (most recent call last) <ipython-input-78-46658a68aba8> in <module>() ** 1** #df2 = df2.sample(1000) ----> 2 pd.to_numeric(df2[‘confirmed’]) ** 3** sns.lineplot(‘date’, ‘confirmed’, data=df2) /usr/local/lib/python3.7/dist-packages/pandas/core/tools/ in to_numeric(arg, errors, downcast) ** 151** try: ** 152** values = lib.maybe_convert_numeric( --> 153 values, set(), coerce_numeric=coerce_numeric ** 154** ) ** 155** except (ValueError, TypeError): pandas/_libs/lib.pyx in pandas._libs.lib.maybe_convert_numeric() ValueError: Unable to parse string “Confirmed” at position 10850




date 2020-03-14 00:00:00

state status

confirmed Confirmed

Name: 10850, dtype: object

why it is corrupted?



<class ‘pandas.core.frame.DataFrame’>

RangeIndex: 13650 entries, 0 to 13649

Data columns (total 3 columns):

# Column Non-Null Count Dtype

— ------ -------------- -----

0 date 13650 non-null datetime64[ns]

1 state 13650 non-null object

2 confirmed 13650 non-null object

dtypes: datetime64[ns](1), object(2) memory usage: 320.0+ KB

let me know, i am doing some mistake may be, struck at week12 - class -lineplot - covid data,

oops got the ans:

df1.drop(‘status’, axis=1, inplace=True)

#df1 = df1.set_index(‘date’)

#df1[‘ka’] = pd.to_numeric(df1[‘ka’])

df1 = df1.apply(pd.to_numeric)

df1 = df1.rolling(7).mean()


my categarical values not deleted, also not coverted to numeric. that’s caused the problem