Error: Week 21 - Computing interval bound for population proportion p (Need clarification on example)

When p^ = 0.782 and n = 64416 => Sqrt (0.782 * (1-0.782)/64416) = 0.0016 and Z_alpha/2 = 2.576
so the confidence interval is 78.2 +/- 0.42%.

Please let me know, if my calculation is right ?

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I think , yes. what is the doubt.

Manual calculation of confidence interval is different from details mentioned in the video. So want to confirm, if my calculation is right or calculation in the video is correct

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I will re-do this for you and let you know in sometime.

Yes, you’re right… i think z value is not multiplied with the computed value 0.0016, which is the cause of this error.
Thanks for pointing out :slight_smile: