Error! while answer is correct!

I sometimes get the below error. However the results are correct but error do come at the end. Please explain?

ERROR! Session/line number was not unique in database. History logging moved to new session 65

Where does this error occur?
Please share the code.

Is it related to PadhAI course? If yes, please mention the Week number, lecture number/title, etc.

Yes, Iam also getting the same issue. It shows the result but in the end it shows this error. Iam not bothered about this because everytime i got my output.

Same here. I also get the error but it occurs below the output. It is occuring in week 5 for file handling lecture/code in my case.

Hi all,
This seems out to be some issue with colab, and not PadhAI assignment, will look for the reason behind this and share with you guys.
This is just a warning, and you can ignore it for sure.

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