Error while converting 0328 Vectorized Feed Forward Networks for regression

I have used “0328_VectorizedFeedForwardNetworks-1553747879251.ipynb” for regression problem.

My model has (3 neurons) input layer, (7 neurons) 1 hidden layer, and 1(neuron) in the output layer.

How can a .csv file can be attached?

Right now shared notebook is throwing a different error due to mismatch in dimensions.
The two matrices you are trying to multiply seems to have dimension: (338, 338) (1, 7)

Please check once more it still showing same error.

The variables declaration and assignment is spanning multiple lines.
Can you put a `\’ at the end of first line to indicate line continuation:
–> 159 [u][u]dw1, dw2, dw3, dw4, dw5, dw6, dw7, dw8, dw9, dw10, dw11, dw12, dw13, dw14, dw15, dw16, dw17, dw18, dw19, dw20, dw21, dw22, dw23, dw24, dw25, ‘\’. <----- ‘like this’

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