Error while importing the dataset

I am not able to get the output after importing the dataset…Attached screenshot .Plz guide me

check the path of the training and test dataset, perhaps there is one more level in the hierarchical file ordering.


This is the hierarchy…I have mentioned the same .

the folder ‘padhai-text-non-text-classification-level-1’ again contains a folder with the same name inside it. Do give it a check.

Hope this is the change you asked me to make but still there is an error

You’ve already included Level, and other strings in URL, don’t need to concatenate them once again.

If have not concatenated it in the beginning and there was an error .

This is the error I was getting if I don’t concatenate.

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Because this is not the correct path…
See you need to check the correct path, and you can do so by listing out all the files/directories in a particular root directory, by using the following code snippet: os.listdir('root')
Every time you run this snippet, you will get a list returned containing all the files/directories inside the ‘root path’ that you enter.
It will be a good practice for you to try this recursively by your own to get the right path. If you’re somehow not able to do it, we’ll help you out.

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