Extension of expiry date

As requested earlier please extend the expiry date

to the cover loss due to pandemic, say by at least

3 months.

The access has been extended by 6 months.

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Could you please extend the end date for the Foundation of Data Science course ,I was enrolled in Feb 2020.

Yes, it has already been extended for everyone.
Adding @prem to the loop for clarifications.


What is the deadline for the batch who registered on February FDS course

Yes, It was 1 year from the date of registration earlier, but now it has been extended for 6 more months.


Hi Padhai team,thank you for the 6months extension of the data science course.

I am not able to see the info regarding extension date on my dashboard please inform the exact location where this information is visble

deepa vijay parsam

Hi Deepa,
Sorry we have some issues in our LMS, which is the reason this date isn’t reflecting, don’t worry if you can access the course.
If you’re anyhow not able to access it, please let us know.

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Thank you very much sir🙏