Extension of FDS course

Sir, as u know that due to corona, a lot of disturbance happened. Also, the course material was uploaded late. So it is my request that please extend the date in my dashboard, As you have already extended for others. I will thankful for your support.

Hi Gulzar,
The access has already been extended till May 2021 for everyone.

Respected Sir,

But for my order! The expire date is still showing the same !

Order History

Order # Product Date Expires Status Current Value
Order: OFxxx6927 Foundations of Data Science 01/31/2020 01/30/2021 Complete ₹1,180.00 INR

Please look into the matter. I will be very thankful to you.
Best Regards
Jayant Sachdeva

Please don’t worry about expiry date, it’s just a bug at our end, the extension is not reflected there.

Is the extension till May 2021 or for 6 months from the date of enrollment? Because in another forum, another PadhAI team member said that the extension is for 6 months. Can you please confirm and help me with the same? Thank you!

Hi, It’s till May 2021

Hi, I have just check my FDS Course has expired.

Please renew it as I am unable to access my course.

Kind regards


Hi @pabhinav0330

Sorry for that. Please check now. We have enrolled you again.

I am not able to access the FDS course … Could u please check it ?