FDS Completion Certificate not recieved

Hi Padhai Team,

I had completed the FDS course in October 2020 1st week but still haven’t received the completion certificate. Although the course dashboard shows 99% completed but each of the individual courses are 100% complete. I verified the feedback and quiz for each individual course as well & looks like everything is completed. Kindly address the issue asap and help me get course completion certificate.

Hi @rishabhsaran,
Can you please check once if all the optional quizzes are completed?

Yes,I checked them as well.Looks like everything is completed.Can you guys check from your end as well about it.It’s been more than a month now since i completion certificate is pending.

Can you check if all the graded quizzes are in cleared status?

You might’ve retaken any graded quiz and left it incomplete.

All the quizzes(Graded and Optional) status looks in clearer status to me. Would it be possible for you check out the incomplete portion so that I can look into it?

Sorry. There is no direct way to do that in our backend.
The only way for us to check is to reset your password and login with your account.

Please check once again and let us know.

Hi i checked it once again.Everything looks complete to me(Graded Quiz,Optional Quiz,Feedback).Can you please reset my password from your end and check?

Week 14 quiz is incomplete. Complete it to get the certificate.

Thanks Team.I got the certificate now.I am wondering how did i miss this portion even checking the quiz portion twice.Anyway Thanks for the support.

PS: I am expecting the new course would launch soon