FDS - Week 4 - Long tailed and uniform distribution examples

Long-tailed distribution: No. of patients reporting a particular disease in a year (Tb, Common cold, asthma, … sickle-cell anemia)
Uniform distribution: Sex of child reported at birth(considering only male and female)


Long-tailed distribution:

  1. most popular sports by state
  2. occurrence of injuries by sport

Uniform distribution:

  1. no. of sport scholarships given out per state

Long- Tailed Distribution

  1. Sales of hatch-back cars across all cities in India.
  2. Failure of components in a car across different models.

Uniform Distribution

  1. The number of gear ratios across various mileage bikes.
  2. Tire life of various cars in metro-cities.

Long-tailed Distribution
Banking: The number of banks in different cities of Tamil Nadu
Insurance: The number of people choosing different insurance companies in Gujarat
Education: Students enrolled to PadhAI from different states of India
Health Care: Number of people affected by various types of diseases
Government: Number of government employees in various sectors
Retail: Levis outlets in different cities of Tamil Nadu
Sports: Most popular sport in different states of India
Agriculture: Different kinds of crops grown in Kerala
Automobile: Different models bought in a year