FDS Week11 - Read Complex JSON files


For week 11 Read Complex JSON files, when I run the following code I don’t get output same as shown in the video. In short, I am able to see the column named dateymd which is not present in the video output**.**

And I have one more doubt that when we do df.info then dtype is not seen anywhere. Whereas in vidios it shows.

I am sharing my notebook**.** Please correct me if I am wrong.


Looks like the ‘dateymd’ attribute is now available from the API itself (http://api.covid19india.org/states_daily.json)

We can drop this attribute if this is not required for further analysis, viz.

To get the data type of each of the attributes in the dataframe, we can leverage the ‘.info()’ method instead of the ‘.info’ attribute

Here is the link to the updated file

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