Feedback and experience sharing about FDS & DL courses

Hello All, wanted to share that I have completed both the courses - FDS and Deep Learning. And I found them very useful . I have 24 years of experience in IT , have been working in AI for 4-5 years , still, I was able to learn so many new things, which I never thought about, during my day to day work.

Wanted to thanks @Ishvinder for all his help , he is so prompt and ready to help.

I am now looking for new courses at padhAI,its my second home now :slight_smile:


Thanks @ajeet.ora,
Helping others is a great practice to learn more :slight_smile:
Thanking @sanjayk @saag @4deep.prk for their support throughout the course.


super super. I have completed FDS and I will enroll deep learning next month. can I get your LinkedIn contact.

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