Feedback on Data Science course content

You can use this sub-forum to provide feedback on the course content. You could share what you like and what you would want to be improved upon. We would especially like to understand the effectiveness of learning. So, please share if there are topics which were not as clear or missed altogether.

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Can we get correct answers of Quiz questions after the quiz. Currently it’s only showing whether we answered correctly or incorrectly…


Hi Sai,
Thanks for your kind feedback, we’re working on it, due to some platform limitations we were unable to do so earlier. Will take care of this in future quizes.


Dear Prof. Pratyush,

Thank you so much for bringing us this Padhai ONE course. This is tremendously helpful. Prof. Mitesh said you are planning the foundations of ML course (after foundations of DS) as well and it would be very very useful.

I have a request. Earlier, in the syllabus of foundations of DS, you had listed a session on time series at the end, but, I no longer see that. If it is not much burden for you, can you please include the time series topic in the course.

Can’t thank you enough for providing this opportunity.



Hi Prof. Pratyush and Prof. Mitesh,
Thank you for offering nice course. It will be helpful for us if you please kindly share some reference meterials and some more assignments for the course.
Thanks and Regards,


Sure we will consider adding that module. Thanks for the feedback. :slightly_smiling_face:

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i completed 45% of the course till now, but not a single concept implemented practically.
i felt to much theory, but it’s good actually. theory is more informative but teaching theory continuously get bored. try to incorporate some interactive exercises in between the theory.

Downloadable PPT for content

Please help to provide the downloadable PPTs for the contents taught in the sessions. It really help to go thru them quickly to revise the concepts, instead of going thru videos again. NPTEL too provides them, and it really helps. Thanks for understanding.


At the moment we are unable to release any material. We are working on a textbook which will hopefully release later this year.

Meanwhile, request you to invest time in writing notes. We will also announce a blog contest where we encourage the entire PadhAI learner community to write Medium blogs on the topic, which will be peer reviewed here. Do contribute or participate in that. Good luck. :+1:


Dear team,

When I want to go back to check what I have learnt in a completed module, I have to open the video and then only I could confirm or recheck my point. For example when I took the quiz I noted down the answers that were marked as incorrect and want to learn about it. This effort might be easy if I have the transcript of the video as it is easy to search and look for what I am trying to find. Doing the same with watching videos take more effort and time.

Can you publish a searchable transcript for each video?

Many thanks

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Very well structured course. Cleared a lot of misconceptions about what AI, ML and DL, about different responsibilities for different roles, all in 2 weeks. I feel better knowing the foundations are well laid. Hope the same intensity is maintained throughout. Thanks for this effort and looking forward to learning more from both.

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Hi Professor Pratyush & Mitesh,

You are one of the best professors when it comes to explaining concepts and the math behind them.I have already taken your deep learning courses and the course was very indepth and covered mathematical concepts which in my opinion many popular courses are not providing .I agree with you when you mention that knowledge of fundamentals are more important rather than learning some tool and running .I have also enrolled in fundamentals of data science since I wanted to refresh and strengthen my concepts on statistical modelling.I hope that “Fundamentals of data science” course will also be in the lines of deep learning - teaching the most important fundamental concepts and implementing the same in python . Looking forward to see more courses like NLP , Reinforcement learning ,Computer vision courses from you .
Thank you,


This isn’t feedback per se, but I wanted to know whether you will be covering A/B testing or not in this course?

@pratyush it would be nice if you can add text transcript of what is taught in the videos. This will help us in taking notes after listening and understanding a particular video. Now we have to pause the video and note down the points.
If possible add text to the bottom of the videos. This will help

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That’s a real cool way to ensure learners retain what they learn and when u teach u learn the best, so blog post can be thought as teaching platform
… very nice

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Hi Vissu,
Just to convey a few points…
In the first few weeks, the content seems to be less practical oriented as it covers the introduction part only…
As we proceed in the course, there will be whole lot of content based on hands on coding, consisting of case studies as well.

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I have completed 2 weeks of the DS course. The lectures are good for the basic understanding of the topics. It would be good if we are directed to some references for advanced understanding, maybe some good books, links, blog posts etc.

Hi PADHAI team,

Its such an amazing course especially for novices like me, this course really helps to put things into perspective. I have a small suggestion, could you also put the duration of the videos , if possible, helps me to plan the day ahead in advance. Thank you.

Wish you success in future endeavours


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Sure, thanks for your kind feedback… We’ll provide some pointers here in the discussion forum itself.

Okay, thanks for your information, waiting eagerly for hands on practice

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