Feedback on Foundations of Data Science course

Hello. I’ve enrolled in the foundations of data science course one week ago and could only watch some initial lectures only. I would like to know from anyone enrolled in the same course to please give some
feedback regarding the content and way it is taught and is it good to continue this course if someone
has started programming just three to four months back and of course a beginner in data science.

It is a pretty nicely designed course. I am not saying this because I am enrolled in this and I only need to share positives but its actually a well-curated course. Here are some supporting points:

  1. With the help of this course (learned till 8th week due to corona break), I was able to solve my friend’s Data science assignment of Deakin’s University which was pretty hard at first but I was able to connect the teachings of this course while doing that assignment.

  2. I also solved some of my other friend’s Coursera assignments which were also very much much twisted.

So, overall I would say that though the course is very much beginner-friendly and you need to put in a lot of extra effort to explore more but that’s what this course teaches and it’s worth taking.

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One of the best video KT sliced into chapter wise. You can set up your own speed e.g. I repeat KT videos again and again especially for those videos wherein I find a bit new subject, So I repeat it a couple of times in order to understand it nicely. This will help us based on our speed and time.

Each week’s program is a maximum of 18 to 20 videos which can be completed easily within 2 and a half hours to 3 hours maximum. So, one can plan it daily half an hour listening to videos.

Also, there are no restrictions to view videos again even if one has viewed and completed it. It is very flexible.

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How many weeks of lectures remaining in this course? When are we planning to wind up this course?

It’s roughly 5-6 weeks more to go.