(FeedForward NN) ValueError: Found input variables with inconsistent number of samples

you have accuracy_score arguments in quotes ‘ ’.
Can you share error again after removing those quotes?

The error kind of suggest that Y_pred_binarised_train has only 1 value while Y_train has 750 values.

Can you check value, dimension etc of Y_pred_binarised_train before call to accuracy_score?

Or would it be possible to share a link to the code, if its on colab?

here is the link

This link doesn’t have access permission, can you make the access permission public and reshare.

I couldn’t find any call to accuracy_score in your code which was causing the error. Is it the same file?

Inside predict function, modify to return Y_pred

#return np.array(y_pred)
return np.array(Y_pred)

what is this error regarding?

Y_pred is a list which will have all the 750 predictions, whereas y_pred has only the prediction for last values of x. You can verify the ‘predict’ function code to see what it is doing.
You have to return all the predictions back (not just the last one).

thank you for explaining that was helpful

can you have a look at this too