Final year Data Science Project Suggestions?

Final year Data Science Project Suggestions?

Sir, currently I am in 6th semester but we to submit the synopsis for our 4th year project so please suggest on what topic I can make the project related to data science or after this course ?

You may look for problems or requirements in your immediate surrounding. This will help you to have a personal understanding of the task at hand. Hope this helps!!

Sir can you please suggest some topics ?

Are you looking for some projects based on Deep Learning or Data Analysis/Data Science?

Hello Sir, I am currently in my 8th semester, and my final year Project is Real time sentiment analysis of a E-commerce Website. we are trying to implement the feature of amazon website where we look at all the reviews and group them by feature… Any suggestion you can give regarding this … and also how to publish our papers in IEEE so that it would be helpful on the context of job and other reserach related areas.

Hi @eddienishant,
That’s a really good project, in order to suggest you something can you please explain what does grouping by feature mean here?

When we pick any product in the amazon website, on the left-hand side of the image we can see that the website is looking at all the customer reviews, and its groups the customer review by feature .
As there are Huge reviews it is very time-consuming to read one by one. So we trying to read all those reviews and summerize by feature…

Hi, I am currently working on a project Intelligent Tutoring System(ITS) for my final year. Basic website of a Tutoring system is done, now I want to implement some data analysis/data science or machine learning at an intermediate level. Any suggestion regarding the use of ML/DS for ITS?

So it’s like picking out buzzwords out of a review, and then doing a sentiment analysis over it?

What are the features/specifications are you looking to add?

Yes , correct like that only

That’s cool, how’s that rating score given to each buzzword becomes more interesting to understand.

Yes but currently I am doing the course here and I have to submit the topic of the project by Tuesday and I don’t know how to start and will I be able to make it after this course .
I thought about one topic this is - face recognition using machine learning but I don’t know will I be able to make it or not

There are two options to complete this project, one is to know all the nuts and bolts of how it can be done (knowing how the system is actually working). The second one is doing it with the help of a framework like Tensorflow or Pytorch without getting into deep mathematical part.
The latter will be a quick one, but the former is recommended.
In order to learn the skills required to complete a project like face recognition you’ll need to continue this PadhAI one series.

Understanding a students learning rate by taking tests
Motivating users to keep on learning

That’s indeed a really good ideal to work on, do you have any matrix to decide the learning rate of a student so far?

No, I don’t have a matrix to decide learning rate.

You can consider it as a customized score, but here you don’t need to apply data science or ml… This can be done with a simple logic instead. Creating a grading formula and setting a lower threshold to send them motivational message is a solution to this… But if you think of creating a chatbot which can send customized messages in the form of reports to users, this is what can be done with the help of DL.