Finding Platforms like Padhai who are better than Big Players

When it comes to Training/Courses/Certification, there are big players like Cloudera, Simplilearn, Cousera, GreatLearning, etc who are often heavily advertised, usually tops the search list and for all these reasons are too hefty on pocket.
I joined Padhai Platform recently & I find this far better than the Big Players in terms to the quality of the course & the strong community where there is always something to give and take. The best part is the whole fee combined in Padhai is less than your monthly house rent :slight_smile:
So now that we have this wonderful Platform for learning DS Foundations, ML, Deep Learning, I am curious in finding more such players in the other hyped fields like Big Data, Cloud, etc…@All: Please feel free to post your findings by categories like Big Data, Cloud, etc
A suggestion to @Padhai: If you can come up with some courses on Big Data & Cloud as well then it will be so greattttttttttttttt!