Free DL Course: Kaggle competition?

Dear Admin.
I enrolled in FDS course early May and now have access to Free DL course as part of COVID-19 break.
This DL course has competitions/contest on Kaggle.

  • Are they available to us (those who got free access ) as well and are we expected to compete there?
  • What’s the expectation? I eventually want to do the ML/DL course as well (after FDS), but if completing the DL course is sufficient, then may be it would be nice to be able to participate in those competitions on Kaggle as well.
    Request you to please provide some clarity about what is possible and what is not with fee access to DL course.


Hi @sanjayk,
This DL course is an archive from one of our earlier courses, and just provided to you as a consolidation from our part, so that you can utilise your time well.
Coming to the Kaggle competitions, we’re sorry but they’re not active now, and you can just grasp the knowledge shared in the course for now.
The upcoming ML/DL courses would be different from this DL course in terms of quality, and content.
PadhAI One series is a complete package that we wanted to offer, which will cover all the fundamental as well as the essential concepts of AI. Whereas DL course covered just a fraction of it.

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