From where to download PPT & lecture materials/notes for Data Science course

From where to download PPT.


Hi @aashu491,
The PPTs won’t be made public due to some reasons, but a free ebook will be shared very soon written by Profs. It will cover all the topics taught in the course along with well elaborated examples and case studies.


Do we have access to slides used in video of data science ?
If yes then where to get it?

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No, but there will be an ebook for the course shared soon


Ebook is also fine . :slight_smile:

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it will be really helpful. as pausing and note down everything won’t possible.

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I’m facing the same issue .Its difficult to take notes and concentrate on the video…Please let us know about the ebook soon.


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Can we get the slides and lecture material for the Data Science Course? If yes can you please share the link with me by replying

Can anyone share the link for the material for the Data Science course?

Thank you for that ebook initiative instead of PPT. Have you sent that pdf ?

Can you please metion about which PDF you are talking about?

From where to download PPT & lecture materials/notes

Hi @Nagarjuna_Koppala, we are yet to complete the ebook, and i think it will be fair enough if i told you that by the time course gets completed, we have less chance of ebook getting completed.
We will try to get you updated on this thread as we progress.


It is easy to recap the notes/pdf you can provide after each week completion and after reading it people can appear in quiz.

Hi. I did not quite get you. Do you mean the e-book will not be available earlier than the end of this course?

guys, just a suggestion. i kept pausing the video and taking notes, it helped me remember the material better and also its now a record of the content. i feel since the slides wont be made available, you can try doing this.


Some suggestion from my side, You can use the snipping tool to take some important screenshot. :blush: And revise latter

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Here are some of my suggestions.

  1. Try to Include all those minute details like mathematics, real-world examples which are explained wonderfully by both of our tutors.
  2. Try to include some snapshots of PPT’s wherever its looks good for better understanding.
  3. Try to add code snippets wherever its necessary, so it avoid unnecessary time in googling it.

Those who have completed DL course from special access given due to COVID-19 break, will also receive the copy of that ebook?? @Ishvinder @GokulNC

Hi @karthikbharadwaj88,
Thanks for the suggestions, i would suggest you to check out the blogs by @prvnk10.
He’s doing a great job and adding all the things as mentioned by you in his course blogs.
No, there’s no ebook for DL Course, but you can refer to the lecture notes made by our team on FAQs DL Course

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