From where to download PPT & lecture materials/notes for Data Science course

Is the ebook out yet?

No, not yet… will notify when it’s released.

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Hi Ishvinder, any update on the ebook?

Hi Aziz, Yes we’re almost done with course notes… We’ll share soon.

PLEASE SHARE THE NOTES OR EBOOK. i am having difficulty following videos.

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Hi All,
Sorry for the delay.
Course Notes for FDS are compiled. You can access them here.
Feel free to point out mistakes if any.


Thanks , I was referring to deep learning course Ebook.

Thanks ,


There was no plan for an ebook on DL course though, but you can refer to course notes for DL course in the following thread: FAQs DL Course

Hi Team, I have joined data science course…please help me to see the videos in my dashboard…

Hi @Aruna

Can you mention the email ID you used for enrolment?

hey, i couldn’t find anova and linear regression module in FDS ?any idea where i can find it

Hi @Aruna

I checked our backend and you are enrolled.
Please login and check.

Hi, the syllabus was reshuffled, and some topics were replaced with some prerequisites. These two will be added in upcoming courses.