GANs, GRU, PCA Topics Missing in DL/DS course


I have purchased both Data Science and Deep Learning course. The course structure and explanation everything is superb. But some of the topics like GANs, PCA (eigenvalues, eigenvectors), GRUs are not yet covered in either of the courses. Will the course material get updated in the future?

GANs and PCA are not covered yet, which might have a decent chance of getting included in one of our upcoming courses, but GRUs are abstractly covered in the Deep Learning course.

Yes, adding to what Ishvinder said:

  • PCA, Eigen-vectors, Eigen-values, etc. will be covered in our next ML course which will tentatively begin from Aug 2020.
  • GRU has been covered in the DL course as a special case of LSTM. That is, the working of LSTM has been completely explained from scratch. The difference between LSTM and GRU is absence of a gate and a corresponding simple change in the LSTM equation(s), hence similar logic as that of LSTM can be applied for GRU.
  • Yes, we did not cover about GANs in the above course. We will cover that in our deep learning specialization courses which will begin from 2021.

If you want to learn everything now, you can refer the below course:

Deep Learning by Mitesh Khapra - IIT Madras 2018:
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