Getting nan during model training in Keras

i am getting nan in my model when performing the training of the model-

from sklearn.datasets import fetch_california_housing
from sklearn.model_selection import train_test_split
from sklearn.preprocessing import StandardScaler

housing = fetch_california_housing()
X_train_full, X_test, y_train_full, y_test = train_test_split(,
X_train, X_valid, y_train, y_valid = train_test_split(X_train_full, y_train_full)

input_A = keras.layers.Input(shape=[5])
input_B = keras.layers.Input(shape=[6])

hidden1 = keras.layers.Dense(30, activation="relu")(input_B)
hidden2 = keras.layers.Dense(30, activation="relu")(hidden1)
concat = keras.layers.concatenate([input_A, hidden2])

output = keras.layers.Dense(1)(concat)
aux_output = keras.layers.Dense(1)(hidden2)

model = keras.models.Model(inputs=[input_A, input_B], outputs=[output, aux_output])

model.compile(loss=["mse", "mse"], loss_weights=[0.9, 0.1], optimizer="sgd")

X_train_A, X_train_B = X_train[:, :5], X_train[:, 2:]
X_valid_A, X_valid_B = X_valid[:, :5], X_valid[:, 2:]

X_test_A, X_test_B = X_test[:, :5], X_test[:, 2:]
X_new_A, X_new_B = X_test_A[:3], X_test_B[:3]

history =[X_train_A, X_train_B], [y_train, y_train], epochs=20, validation_data=([X_valid_A, X_valid_B], [y_valid, y_valid]))

total_loss, main_loss, aux_loss = model.evaluate([X_test_A, X_test_B], [y_test, y_test])

y_pred_main, y_pred_aux = model.predict([X_new_A, X_new_B])


#Epoch 1/20
363/363 [==============================] - 1s 2ms/step - loss: nan - dense_15_loss: nan - dense_16_loss: nan - val_loss: nan - val_dense_15_loss: nan - val_dense_16_loss: nan

You cannot pass nan values during training.
Please filter them out before feeding the data.

i have checked the data,there is no missing or nan value.

sklearn_housing.isnull().sum().sum() equals 0

also the datatypes are float

MedInc        float64
HouseAge      float64
AveRooms      float64
AveBedrms     float64
Population    float64
AveOccup      float64
Latitude      float64
Longitude     float64
dtype: object

I guess you might have inspired the code from somewhere here:

What you have missed is standardizing the dataset as shown here:

scaler = StandardScaler()
X_train = scaler.fit_transform(X_train)
X_valid = scaler.transform(X_valid)
X_test = scaler.transform(X_test)

Try this first. If it still doesn’t converge, post your model.summary()

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