Google colab is not connecting, it keeps on showing allocating

i am unable to connect to hosted runtime on google colab. Its not connecting and only showing allocating after clicking on connect. what to do?

Did you try restarting the runtime?

Restart runtime(ctrl + M) is showing disabled while my colab page is in allocating status! Earlier It was working fine, for the last 2-3 days i am facing this problem.

Can you do a Factory Reset Runtime and check?

that factory reset runtime is enabled but even after clicking on it and then confirming Yes, it’s still in “allocating” state. I am unable to do practice from the last 3-4 days due to this. Please suggest what else can I do to sort this out?
meanwhile what else I can use to practice python coding which is similar to google colab ?

Did you try with some other account or another web browser, or using a VPN etc. ?
Make sure you’re connecting to a hosted runtime, and not a local one.