Helper libs of pandas and Numpy - for future use to solve the DS problems

i just completed week 9 pandas part1. I thought to ask which libs/functions need to consentrate for future exercises of DS.

Since i thought from numpy seeing complex exercises to solve, it takes lot of time for newers.

I am requesting padhai team can you share some imp libs/funtions to consentrate on numpy and libs modules so that we will grab concepts easily, also to practise.

It is not possible now in week time to finish or learn all libs/functions of numpy and pandas in the internet. Just asking some imp libs/functions of pandas/numpy usefull for future exercises.

Hope my question is clear.

Yes, i agree with what you said, practice is indeed the key. You may refer Learning Resources Master List.
For numpy, you can take up some challenges on kaggle. I would personally recommend you to take Learn Numpy the hard way: 70 exercises+solutions | Kaggle

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Thk Isvinder, hope you shared this already in one of the posts i missed it some how.

This is what i was looking may be usefull for single click ref:

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