How are Data Scince, Machine Learning and Deep Leanring related?

How are Data Scince, Machine Learning and Deep Leanring related?

Data science

  • Data science has an intersection with artificial intelligence but is not a subset of artificial intelligence.
  • Data science is the science of collecting, storing,processing, describing and modelling data.

Machine learning

  • Artificial intelligence is very vast. Machine learning(ML) is a subset of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Machine learning is concerned with one aspect some AI problem that can be described in discrete terms and given a lot of information about the world, figure out what is the “correct” action, without having the programmer program it in.*

Deep learning

  • Deep learning is a special machine learning that’s very popular now. It involves a particular kind of mathematical model that can be thought of as a composition of simple blocks (function composition) of a certain type, and where some of these blocks can be adjusted to better predict the final outcome.*
  • Deep learning is a subset of machine learning in which data goes through multiple number of non-linear transformations to obtain an output.

‘Deep’ refers to many steps in this case. The output of one step is the input for another step, and this is done continuously to get a final output. All these steps are not linear. An example of a non-linear transformation is a matrix transformation.