How are DS, ML, DL related?

Let us first see the Definitions:

 Data Science  -  Data Science is the science of collecting, storing, processing, describing and 
                  modeling the data.

 Machine Learning — Machine Learning provides computers with an ability to automatically learn 
                    from large amount of data without programming explicitly.

 Deep Learning —       It is a technique for implementing Machine Learning with large amount of high 
                       dimensional data.

Relationship between Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning:

Using Data Science, we can do statistical modeling. Focus is on “Interpretability” of the data.
It is more suited for low dimensional data.

Ex 1) In Politics, analyse how the government’s policy is received by the people.
2) In Agriculture, analyse which crop is suitable for a farmer.

Using Machine Learning, we can do algorithmic modeling. Focus is on “Prediction”.
It is more suited for high dimensional data.

Ex: Face Recognition, Handwriting Recognition, Speech Recognition, Driverless Cars, Playing Chess etc.

Using Deep Learning, we can process large amounts of high dimensional data and learn very complex
relationships between the input and output by using a specific class of complex Machine Learning
models and algorithms.

Ex: Given an image of retina, we can predict whether the patient is suffering from diabetic retinopathy?

NOTE: 1) Machine Learning and Deep Learning are both the branches of Artificial Intelligence(AI)
where Deep Learning is a sub branch of Machine Learning.
2) Artificial Intelligence(AI) — AI is about building devices/machines that demonstrate
Human Intelligence.