How to access DL course videos for reference after CoViD19 Free access expiry?

After completion of 2 months of DL course, How I can access the full course?

The same course is available on Guvi. You will get lifetime access there.

If you cannot complete the course in 2 months, check this:

When PadhAI will release the complete DL course else I have to start again from beginning at GUVI?

We won’t be releasing the older DL course again in PadhAI. So, if you want the course for longer access, it’s better to register at Guvi.

Okay. When new DL course will be available in padhAI so if the course in coming in a month, I don’t go with older DL course at GUVI.

The new DL course will prabably take more than a half year to be released for now.