How to effectively read DL/DS papers?

Are there any best practises or tips that anyone wants to offer in the area of reading DL papers from sites such as ARXIV ?
I guess one of the obvious ones is to read more and practise more… However sometimes I tend to get distracted and diverted by all the kind of details mentioned in a paper and lot of times unable to get the gist of it or struggle to reach the end of the paper.


Hi @karrtikiyer,
Thanks for asking this! I’ve been following a pretty long approach since now. Found this one, might try it out if it works. I hope it helps…


There are many medium blog post giving the gist of latest DL paper . Otherwise you can watch video from two minutes paper or Henry AI to explain the basic principle of the paper. I usually avoid mathematical details in my first read and only when I get the basic idea of the paper , I go back and then read the paper completely.