How to extend validity of CoViD19 free Deep Learning Access

Hope you all are safe during this rough time.
Thanks for the knowledge you have delivered on videos.
I got the access on Deep Learning Course on 4 May because of the Covid-19 break.
I am not sure on my deliverable on and before 31 of May, but would like to know is there any way to extend the duration of access on the course. As i am still left with 50 percent or more of it.

It’s 2 months validity. So for example if you had enrolled on May 4, you will have access till July 3.
So please try to finish it by then. If not, if you have any valid reasons for being unable to complete it within 2 months and if you had finished to a significant level, you can email us to: padhai at onefourthlabs dot com

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@GokulNC , thanks for the explanation.
Will use the email id if needed be.
Stay Safe. :slight_smile:

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Hi Padhai Team,
I gained access to deep learning course on 5th April 2020 after the 8th week of the FDS course after which this lockdown occurred. I am studying this course step by step as its a vast course and till that time I have covered 50% of the course. Here is the screenshot to prove that too:

As I have gone this far in this course I would request you to please extend my validity of this course as it expires on 5th June 2020 so that I can cover up the remaining course as I really like course material and would be more than happy to cover the whole course and build up the capstone project.

I hope you understand my side.
@Ishvinder @GokulNC

Hello Team,

I requested to the below mentioned link for the extension of the course

But still i am not able to access to free DL Course.Request you to please go through below part to get the context.

I had enrolled for Foundation to Data Science Course, which got abruptly paused due to COVID 19 pandemic. We were instead provided free access to Deep Learning course for 2 months, which I have been pursuing since. I have completed over 65% of the course(up to Convolutional Nueral Network) and really like the content. I am a working IT professional and this course is helping me to learn loads by actually practicing to implement day to day used algorithms and building intuitions around them. This course in vast and explains concept in depth, and since I have to manage the course along side my regular job it is taking more time to complete. Hence I request you to kindly extend my access for another month, as I would not like to leave it unfinished.

Additionally,we were informed that Foundation to Data Science course would resume only around June end in which the 3 week content would release in one go, so meanwhile I would like to continue and finish Deep Learning course.

Still, after this announcement PadhAI DL Curriculum Links and Information, I am confused that as my deep learning course which began in April (full details here- How to extend validity of CoViD19 free Deep Learning Access) will be accessible till September 2020 ? Anyone, please clarify this doubt :neutral_face: !

No, the September 2020 deadline is for PadhAI DL students who paid and subscribed to the course in Feb’2019.
That is not applicable for Data Science students who got free access to the course owing to the CoViD19 break.

Hope I made it clear :slight_smile:
Please check my first message in this thread regarding the extension.

I have enrolled in the FDS course. However, due to Covid situation, I am given access to the DL course. I have been studying DL course without wasting my time. Yesterday, i.e. 5th June, I logged in and found out that the DL course is taken away from my dashboard. Even today, i.e. 6th June, 2020 I logged in and found out that DL course is missing from my dashboard. Could you please give me access to DL course as I want to study it instead of wasting my time waiting for the FDS course to start?

Once your enrolment to the free DL course access expires, you can fill the same form which is available after the Week-8 of FDS course to get additional access for 2 months.

(This procedure is applicable only until the Data Science course resumes)


Last time I sent a mail to Padhai team requesting for access to DL course. Next day, I got
an email saying that “you can access the DL course”. I did not fill in any special form for
this. But today I got a mail from you saying that I have to fill in a form. On the onefourthlabs web site I don’t find any form. Please send me the form and I will fill it and send it back to you so that you can
give me access to the DL course.

There will be a typeform after week-8 in the course content itself.

I had enrolled in deep learning course(free access for two months) around 20th may,however I may not be able to complete course by 20 July .Could you inform my deadline of the course? Once it expires how should I enroll again?

You’ll need to fill in the same form once again to get the access.

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I saw the form at the end of Week 8. I filled it and submitted it. Yesterday I got the access to DL course. I am back into my DL learning routine. Thank you Ishvinder and PadhAI team.

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Hi ishvinder,i want to acces the deep learning course where is the link to access the deep learning