How to get certificate of completion

i have completed whole course , course section showing 100 percent completed, but on dashboard it is showing 99 percent , certificate not available

Hi @uk08109,
Can you please check if there are no feedback formas or optional quizzes left?

it is showing 100 percent completed in course section and as per best of my knowledge i have completed all modules and passed all quizzes. kindly resolve this issue

Can you also check if all the quizzes are in cleared status?
If you retake the quiz, then the progress of that particular quiz will be marked as not done.

As u can see it is showing 100 percent completed and i have checked all quizzes are in cleared status , seems u are from padhaAi team please resolve this issue

its showing certificate is being generated and will be available soon.

so how much time it takes

not received certificate yet . is there any email or contact so that i could reach out course coordinators or padhAi team

I am from Padhai team. Did you check if all the lessons are completed and all the quizzes are in passed status?

it is showing passed in all quizzes and 100 percent completion

Okay. If you retake any previously completed quiz and if you fail to get the passing score, then it will be marked as not completed in the backend.

I checked your progress and it’s at 99%. Please check it again.

so what should i do next reattempt all quizzes as it showing 100 percent in below image

is passing mark for compulsory and optional quiz same??

No. You don’t have to redo any quizzes. Just check if any quiz is ‘not passed’.

There is no passing marks for optional quizzes. Just attempting optional quiz will be enough.

ok. Thanks for ur help sir.