How to improve your Blog-writing Skills?

Do you have a blog that no one reads? I know this can be frustrating, Here is the list of things that you are not doing right.

Focus on the headline, the six words that count most.

The first three and the last three words of the title is what a reader scans. So it is always advised to use the buzzwords in these places. Invoke emotions like Surprise, Curiosity gap in the title.

Leverage the power of storytelling.

In a conversation, people tend to forget the numbers and specifics, but they remember the story. A compelling story can increase your full-page readers by a staggering 300%. Using hooks in the story is another way to increase full-page readers.

One strategy that I follow is, to identify some of the pain points that the article is trying to solve and frame them as questions. And each sub-topic should end with a question that is addressed in the next sub-topic, a great way to keep your reader hooked.

Visual Content speaks volume.

A picture is worth 100 words. Choose an image carefully that gives a jist of the Content. For example, if you are writing a blog about content marketing, visualizing the results in the post copy is an excellent way to improve clicks.


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