How to install ML FLOW on windows ? Plz Help

Plz help me installing ML FLOW
I am not able to make any progress with the deep learning course

What’s the issue that you’re facing?

Firstly i use “pip3 install mlflow” to install mlflow
But at the time of using"mlflow ui" it it showing error.

@Jai_B can you please describe the error that you are getting or attach a screenshot of the same?

After this i have also installed wheel and once again run the command pip3 install mlflow , it is showing requirement satisfied
And when i type “mlflow ui” it is giving error “‘mlflow’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.”

I am also on the same topic , and getting same error.Someone please help resolve this

I am getting this :

I got this on anaconda but this also not working


environment path issue
Perhaps this link will help you. Do give it a check. Often such an error is due to environment variable path.

So my problem got solved , after running the mlflow ui command on anaconda…go to the browser and you will have to type http://localhost:5000 open this on your own unlike in the video shown by pratyush sir. Then the mlflow ui will open.

Worked for me

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Hi, @Shashank_Gaur , I would be glad if you could point out the video being referred.

Unfortunately there was no video on youtube or anywhere that even tells how to connect Ml Flow with Colab, i just read the document of MLFlow and made some changes from there.

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