How to opt for Institute student/faculty option for DL coures?

Dear Admin,

I am a Post-Doc, I have completed my FDS course. Thanks for the wonderful and interesting sessions, I have learned a lot about the fundamentals of probability, statistics, and data science.

Looking forward to enrolling in the DL course using the faculty/student offer but could not opt for it.

Kindly do the needful.


Hi @araja,

On top of the registration page there must be a pick option to select student/faculty.

HI Ishvider,

Thanks for your reply.

I found no such pick options under the already-registered option. After entering email id, phone no. and state details, it directly took me to the page to pay the fee of professionals.

Please try now. Our backend checks the current status from your profile to do the redirection. I have changed it to “Student” now.

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Thanks a lot. Enrolled.